Recent History

Hi, this is Ben.  I started this blog to chronicle the progress of an apple orchard I’m starting on Georgetown Island, in Maine, where I grew up.  My friend Holly and I caught the apple bug last fall, and we made 15 gallons of hard cider and several more of sweet cider, using my great grandfather’s old cast iron press.  He documented last year’s adventures on his website.  This year we built a new press and doubled our production. 

 My grandfather has tended a few trees in the yard for as long as I can remember, and the idea of planting a cider orchard seemed like a natural one.  It was not hard to choose the spot, in my grandparents’ woods where several scraggly old apple trees and a grassy mound marked the site of a farmstead long gone.  Tumbledown stone walls from those times provided a natural boundary on the south and west, and the land sloped gently northwest toward Robinhood Cove.  A quarter acre seemed a good size to start.

 Early in this summer, my wife Alexis, our friend Jonah, and I started clearing the spot on an unbearably hot, humid day.  On Labor Day weekend, my cousins Matthew and Sam helped out, and the clearing steadily grew.  In October, my parents (Emily and Dave) joined in to drop a big field pine and a triple-top red maple.  With winter closing in, it’s time to get the stumps pulled and the roots grubbed out, with an eye towards preparing the soil come spring. 


2 Responses to “Recent History”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Hi Ben,

    Sharon wants to know what kind of apples you will be planting. She is a fruit zealot (more about peaches, but apples too).

  2. Rosie Bensen Says:

    Hi Ben, Alexis, Emily, Dave and Grandparents Herman,
    This is wonderful. Sounds like either cider runs in the family veins, or your family tree is an apple one, or both.
    love and luck,

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