Orchard Weekend

We’ve set the date for the first North End Orchard Weekend in April; I’ll send invites out soon, or write me email for more info. Highlights:

  • Sixteen heirloom apple trees, four peaches, and two cherry trees will be planted in the nursery bed
  • The new orchard site will be cleaned up, turned over, and seeded with soil-building cover crop
  • Fencing needs to be moved to protect the new trees, possibly also fencing around the new orchard
  • Twenty high-octane sugar maples will be planted, either in the nursery or along the stone wall down to the cove
  • Further orchard clearing, brush chipping, and compost-making as time permits
  • Meet the goats (Willow and Larry), three new dogs (Kermit, Zoey, and Lacey) and check out Dave’s new excavator

We’ll provide grub and (rustic) accommodation, also a tank of last year’s hard cider as well as apples and fresh cider (if we can find any decent stuff), and music (if people bring instruments). It will be a good time. Too cold to swim, but there are usually canoes around.


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