Trees Arrived; Slow Spring

It’s been a slow, cold spring.  Alexis and I are just back from a long weekend in Maine, and it never broke 45 degrees the whole time we were there.  A late-season snowstorm dropped 10″ of snow middle of last week, and much of it was still on the ground when we arrived.  The snow fell heavy and wet, and the wind was nearly calm, so it built up on trees, and falling limbs caused minor damage to some buildings.  It killed the power for three days – when there’s a big storm the power crews take a long time to get down the back roads.  The maple sap is usually done flowing by this time of year, but almost 60 gallons flowed on Sunday.  Another storm is blowing in on Thursday; hopefully it’s rain but they say it might be some snow as well.

Despite the cold temperatures and limited sunshine, the snow melted appreciably while we were there and is coming off the fields, but it persists in the woods.   The apple trees arrived from Fedco today, along with 4 peaches and 2 cherries.  I’ve already got 50 pounds of Peas/Vetch/Oats mix for the new orchard spot, as soon as the ground is dry enough to work and seed, and clover to spread between the new trees.  I was going to do some prep for the planting this last weekend, but with things still pretty damp I focused on woods work, cutting crummy fir and swamp maple along the westward stone wall that leads down to the cove.  The supercharged sugar maples from Cornell will go along either side of the stone wall when the clearing is done.


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