In the ground!

The first 22 fruit trees of the new orchard were planted on Saturday the 14th.  We were joined by 8 friends who came up to help with the planting.  A storm had blown through mid-week, but fortunately only about an inch of snow fell in Georgetown.  My folks had tarped the nursery bed before the storm, and when we pulled the tarps the soil was in good condition despite the snow and rain.  So, on Saturday morning I disked down the bed and ran the spring harrow over it a couple of times, then everyone set to work digging holes, planting the trees, and watering them in.  In addition to the fruit trees we also planted twenty of the Cornell maple cuttings, which will hopefully provide us high-octane sap in a few decades.  We also did some clearing, moved some brush and manure, gathered seaweed for mulch/fertilizer, and stacked some firewood for my grandparents, who aren’t quite as spry as they once were.  At the end of the day we extended a nearby fence to protect the young trees from deer.  Here’s a photo of the action:


A big storm was scheduled to hit late Sunday, so everyone took off mid-day for Boston, after a walk on the beach at Reid park.  As it turned out, the coast got mostly rain, while Alexis and I headed for New Hampshire through the slush.  The storm knocked the power out on the North End for several days, but they are pretty much used to that.  And, finally, spring has arrived, with sun and temps in the 60s.  The new orchard site should finally dry out, to the point that we can hopefully work the soil and plant the cover crop when my sister comes in May.

Hearty thanks to everyone who lent a hand; we should start getting apples around 2012.


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