Joanna’s coming!

Got a call from my sister Joanna today. She lives with her husband and two little kids in a valley in eastern Idaho that’s full of spuds and Mormons, with a sweet view of the west side of the Tetons. They’re putting in some new garden beds, and she wanted to know the conversion to use from tons per acre to smaller areas. (An acre is about 44,000 square feet, so one ton per acre corresponds to about a pound for every 22 square feet.) All four of them are coming out in a few weeks, just in time to help turn over the new orchard ground and plant the peas/vetch/oats cover crop. They enjoy the mountain scenery and skiing in the Rockies, but the growing season is short and frosty, and I suspect that they will find their way east at some point in the next few years.


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