Fall Schtuff Ordered

This morning I ordered 2000 lbs of dolomitic lime, 250 lbs each of rock phosphate and greensand (organic P and K sources respectively), 20 bags of Fedco fall tree prep (for the spots where the trees will go), 50 lbs of winter rye/hairy vetch mix plus inoculant, and enough tree spirals to keep the mice off the trunks till spring. There was a bit of an issue regarding shipping; I would have ordered everything from Fedco, but they do heavy orders by truck shipping, and semis can’t make it down the North End Road. So, I ordered the mix and seeds from them, to be delivered by UPS (several hundred pounds at 15c per, not cheap, but that’s what I get for living 4 hours away), and ordered the lime and minerals from a local ag supply/hardware place (gotta put in a plug for Ames Supply in Wiscasset; they agreed to hand offload 2500lbs of bags when I said the only guy there was 87 years old). So, the next moves are:

  • Bushhog down the oats and vetch that we planted this spring
  • Break up and drag off remaining hummocks of roots from the spring
  • Plow or harrow in summer cover crop
  • Spread lime, phosphate, and greensand
  • Harrow minerals into top few inches of soil
  • Broadcast winter cover seed and inoculant
  • Cover seed with bedspring or hand-rake
  • Lay out tree locations; identify ledge outcrops
  • Mound compost, fall tree mix, seaweed, and wood chips on planting spots
  • Put spiral wraps around tree trunks
  • Cut around roots to prepare trees for transplant in the spring

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