First picking of 07

A friend and I went to Poverty Lane on Sunday afternoon and picked some early variety cider apples for the first couple carboys of the season. The varieties were:

Bulmers Norman (bittersweet) – 19 lb

Somerset Redstreak (bittersweet) – 27 lb

Ellis Bitter (bittersweet)- 22 lb

Stoke Red (bittersharp) – 28 lb

Nehou (bittersweet) – 18 lb

Much of the cider fruit isn’t ripe yet, and we needed some more acidity, so we bought a about 25 lb each of Calville Blanc, MacIntosh, and Macoun from the utility bin, bringing us to over 180 lb – should make two carboys plus some fresh. We’ll let them mellow for a week or two, then grind and press. The big pressing will wait till late October, when we’ll make about 60 gallons.



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