1st batch racked

I racked the first batch of cider this evening, the one that Brock and I pressed back in early October. The gravity was about 1.004, down from an initial gravity of 1.044.  This was from a mix of early apples, including:

  • Bulmer’s Norman
  • Somerset Redstreak
  • Ellis Bitter
  • Stoke Red
  • Nehou
  • Calville Blanc d’Hiver
  • Macintosh
  • Macoun

The raw cider is still cloudy from the yeast, but it has a golden straw color and a strong fresh-apple aroma. There’s the barest hint of sweetness left in it, but the primary experience is assertive tannin and a snappy tartness – not bad for right out of the carboy. From a 6 gallon primary fermenter, I ended up with a 5 gallon carboy plumb full of cider, plus a half-gallon of cloudy but recoverable stuff that’s settling in the fridge, and a quart of sludge that will come in handy for pitching if I press or buy another carboy of cider at some point.

We had our first hard freeze the night before last, and the wood fire has felt nice in the evenings.  It will be nice to have this cider to drink by the fire in the evenings as the nights get shorter.


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