Energy, life, and stuff

So, this blog is supposed to be about making an apple orchard, and also to some extent about making hard cider. But, life, at least when it is flowing along smoothly, seems to defy clean divisions; one aspect of life flows into the next and on into another, until it meets itself again and forms a sort of personal hydrogeological cycle.

My interest in orcharding and agriculture bears an obvious relationship to my interest in the vital flows and processes of nature, which are of a piece with my engineer’s view of the world – at once differential and integral, with beauty both mathematical and aesthetic – and together they inform my work as an engineer: I develop clean renewable energy technologies to address the pressing need for climate-neutral energy sources and to mitigate the looming scarcity of liquid fuels.

So, I’ve added a page and a category, with hopes that the focus of this blog will be expanded but not exploded by opening a window into these contiguous aspects of life.


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