07 Cider Roundup

The few wizened apples left on the trees in the yard are frozen solid, and Poverty Lane is about done pressing for the season, so as of mid December I’m finally cut off from sources of quality cider, so it’s time to take stock of year 3.

We made a total of 13 carboys of hard cider:

  • 2 jugs that Brock and I  made from early-season Poverty Lane apples, by the garbage disposal method
  • 8 jugs of mixed mid-season cider that we pressed at the shindig in Maine, using pedal power
  • 1 jug of single-variety Roxbury that we pressed at the same time
  • 1 jug of late season juice, purchased from Poverty Lane
  • 1 jug of blueberry-apple, Pov + Trader Joe’s

Adding to that around 30-35 gallons of fresh cider, and the year’s production is on the order of 100 gallons, corresponding to perhaps 1200 lbs of apples.   The internet says apple productivity ranges from 8000 to 15000 lbs per acre, so once our initial 1/3 acre orchard in Maine comes into bearing we are going to have significantly more fruit to deal with, and there are further varieties that I’m itching to plant as well.  Time to start thinking about that upgraded press concept!


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