Snow and Cider

The snow keeps falling, never more than 6 or 8 inches at a time, but it has piled up to the point where it came most of the way to my knees as I carried the compost out to the pile.  After so many years of lame winters, it’s exciting to have one that’s living up to the New England reputation.  Like most contractors in the northern latitudes, my dad plows driveways in the winter, and he’s already plowed more times this year than he did all last season.

I’ve been busy traveling and doing engineering stuff (I’ve decided on a new job, working on high efficiency solar cells), but the last two carboys have been ticking along in the closet, and the two kegs of 07 cider are chilling in a drift outside the door, to be bottled this afternoon.  The blueberry cider is producing noticeably more gas than the straight apple cider despite less volume and receiving somewhat less than half of the starter; there must be something in the blueberry juice that the critters (Red Star Champagne yeast) find nutritious.  I’ve already cleaned out the airlock once, and it’s already getting some more gunk in it; maybe I should start using a blowoff tube.


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