Cold spring, progress on NH garden

After being away for a few weeks it’s good to be home and get back to the NH vegetable garden.  I planted the cool season stuff before we left and much of it is just barely above ground – the weather has been cold and things are only now getting started.  The peas are six inches tall but the potatoes are only about an inch tall and the greens, beets, and carrots are not even that big.  Things look warmer going forward and the soil has had a chance to digest the two trailerloads of horse manure, so I put in most of the rest of the garden.  I planted bush beans and edamame soybeans, two varieties of corn, cucumbers, zukes, yellow and pattypan squash, pumpkins, butternut squash, more lettuce, greens, and broccoli, bok choi, basil, spinach, and parsnips.  Tomorrow I’ll retrieve the tomatoes from our friends who have been watching them and plunk them in as well.  Then all that will be left is the peppers and eggplants, which will wait until it gets really warm.

Despite the cold the land is greening up wonderfully; it’s that beautiful time of year when all the fresh leaves are impossibly vibrant and fresh looking – it always makes me wish I were some kind of ruminant, so I could eat it instead of just looking at it.  As it is I’ll just have to be satisfied with eating out of the garden, when it finally starts to produce.


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