Summer is the time…

…to eat well in New England.  Not much in the garden is pickable yet, but greens are the exception, so on Saturday I made a breakfast of fried potatoes and scrambled Five Islands eggs with fresh kale and spinach.  It’s a great time to clean out the freezer, so then I made a big batch of veggie lasagna with last year’s garden veggies, and some of the last pints of tomato sauce I canned.  Having recently blogged about the importance of eating low on the food chain, I was pleased to see an article in Science News (which now thankfully arrives only once every 2 weeks) confirming that it is meat (and dairy) that make the biggest climate impact.  So I stretched the usual amount of cheese between two big pans, and added some TVP to the sauce.  I also threw in a tub of last year’s frozen pesto, which made the lasagna richer and more flavorful.  Alexis is on a brief vacation between rotations, so to celebrate I made a chocolate cake to go with.

Sunday dawned pleasant and it’s strawberry season here in NH, so we went across the river to Cedar Circle Farm, a beautiful organic farm right on the banks of the Connecticut.  The berries were plentiful and perfectly ripe, so we stayed an hour or so and picked about 35 pounds.  There can’t be a much better deal than $2.25 per lb for perfect organic strawberries, with the experience of picking at the water’s edge among happy Vermonters from every walk of life thrown in with the deal.  We got about 50/50 of Mesabi (small, dark red, tart, flavorful) and Cabot (bright red/orange, sweeter, good flavor, HUGE).  Just as we finished a thunderstorm broke, so we ran for the car with our haul and spent part of the afternoon washing, hulling, and freezing berries.

Then of course we had to make waffles for dinner, to go with the fresh strawberries, and a shortcake for dessert.  The only thing I can say in justification of this hedonistic lifestyle is that we can claim we’ve earned it, by surviving last winter’s yard-deep snows.


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