In other news…

Six carboys of cider racked to secondary this weekend.  Winter hit New England hard, like it means business, and it put me in a cooking mood.   Four loaves of Sherwood Inn dark bread baked.  Several butternut squash that were starting to get soft roasted, pureed, and frozen.  About a gallon of low-grease, low-sugar granola baked.  25 black bean burgers cooked and frozen.  Big tray of mixed root veggies from the garden roasted with herbs and olive oil.


2 Responses to “In other news…”

  1. watershed Says:

    Hey Ben! Ever since it’s been colder I’ve also been cooking/baking like crazy too. I’d love your recipe for dark baked bread, if you don’t mind sharing. It sounds yummy!
    love, Wendy

  2. ilovemygarden Says:

    mmmm…That sound delicious! Do you have recipes for the burgers? We’re always looking for a good home-made veggie burger recipe. –Abby

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