The Ghost of Tom Joad

When I was in Five Islands a couple weeks back I got digital copies of some old pictures of my parents before I was born. The photos below show them, newly married and a good bit younger than I am now, departing southern California in caravan with all their worldly possessions and a terrier, setting out to make a new life on the coast of Maine. The images seem somehow relevant in this time of constant 1930s references, with the two battered automobiles crammed full of dented pots and pails and all things mundane, though the Olympic-class racing dinghy makes sort of an odd note. It puts me in mind also of the time not many months distant when Alexis and I will likely depart Lebanon residency-bound and make our own new life somewhere.







One Response to “The Ghost of Tom Joad”

  1. wendy Says:

    Ben– these are such great pictures! thanks for sharing them. Any idea where you’ll end up after Lebanon, or is it like the situation we’re in where we’re just waiting, and generally have no clue…

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