Bike-Hydraulic Cider press – dry fit, ram in place

A quick update – Holly, Brandon, and I did the final dry fit assembly of the new cider press, including the hydraulic cylinder.  It is massive – check it out, with my old MTB for scale:

bike hydraulic press dry fit

We did the last bits of woodworking – mortised and bored the feet, hit the hard edges with a roundover router bit, and tensioned the tie bars for the first time.  I also machined a substantial slab of aluminum – 2″thick, 8″ wide, and 15″ long – to interface the hydraulic cylinder to the wooden crosstimbers.  The resulting structure is quite imposing.  Brandon put together the hydraulic valve assembly with sealant.   Everything got finish planed and sanded by around sunset on Saturday.  It was raining Sunday morning so I put the first coat of poly on the timbers in the basement, and then I machined a couple of simple parts to adapt the hydraulic pump to the bike stand which I borrowed from my friend Emily.  I’m still short a couple hardware bits, but no more than an hour or two away from assembling the hydraulic system complete.


One Response to “Bike-Hydraulic Cider press – dry fit, ram in place”

  1. Kenny Boy Says:

    My cousin Bontrager is jealous.

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