New pedal-powered apple grinder built

Last night I put a couple finishing touches on the completely reworked apple grinder. Everything inside is polypropylene or stainless, except the anvil plate which is copper to preserve the sharpness of the cutters.  The cutters are new, beefy 3/16″ stainless steel with machined serrations; I sprung for 440c knife stainless, which while in the annealed state (which seems to work fine) could be hardened to a high Rockwell C value if I knew somebody who could do heat treating.

I can’t wait to try it out!

plastic pedal grinder sideplastic pedal grinder top


5 Responses to “New pedal-powered apple grinder built”

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  3. Thomas Says:

    Do you have directions for how to build something like this? I’m trying to create a hand cranked garbage disposal to grind up food waste before we add it to our compost.

  4. fiveislandsorchard Says:

    Thomas: There are drawings for some of the key parts under the plans link on the right hand side. But I have a hard time seeing a hand cranked chopper for routine grinding of kitchen scraps making sense. Every time we spin up the apple grinder, we have to spend ten minutes taking it apart and hosing it down. That’s fine when you’re making a hundred gallons of cider a couple times a year, but for daily use, it would get horribly filthy unless you tore it down and blasted it out with a hose – even then it would gradually accumulate nasty crud.

    I had not thought of this before, but since you’re normally working with a knife anyway when generating compost, it makes sense to chop the waste up a bit too, before putting it in the compost. Of course, our compost ends up full of pea vines and whatnot, so the chopping or not of kitchen scraps wouldn’t make much difference.

  5. Al Humble Says:

    Do you sell these?

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