Last minute press and grinder hacking

Fragmentary notes on recent hectic progress:

  • Turned steel adapter to thread on end of hydraulic ram
  • Jointed, planed, cut to length, slotted basswood and maple for 6 large press grates
  • Saturated press grate stock with hot paraffin
  • Formed plastic shields for grinder
  • Modified McMaster HDPE juice pan
  • Ordered closed-cell PE foam spaghetti for charging accumulator
  • Machined36T sprocket to receive larger chainrings
  • Machined adapter to port to SCBA tank accumulator
  • Machined adapter shaft for Tunturi exercycle flywheel
  • Modified pump mounting setup to accommodate flywheel

Lots more to be done (and thanks to Holly, Brandon, and Keith for all your help) but we’re within striking distance.


One Response to “Last minute press and grinder hacking”

  1. Brandon Says:

    HI Ben,

    Last night, I screwed together the joists and planks for the cider press base. It still needs a little chamfering and sanding, but it’s functional. (Also, it’s lighter than I thought. I don’t know why I was worried about it being too heavy.) I have the threaded rod, the 2×6 clamp pieces, and some beefy lag bolts for attaching to the frame. Ready for assembly tomorrow– huzzah!

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