Year 5: Monday – cleaning up and shipping out

Monday was another nice day, perhaps not as warm as Sunday but still very pleasant. Kauf, Kelsey, and Andy helped out with cleanup in the AM, then headed back to Boston after lunch. In the morning we cleaned up the pole barn, stowed the press in a corner, and moved the various other things we had removed back to where they belonged, checked the cabins, neatened up the boathouse, and stashed the grinder and press grates above the grandparents’ garage. Then we toured the orchard and sugarbush, and I pumped Andy for knowledge on improving the soil.

The rest of the day was given over to details, no one of which was of much significance but taken together spent the day. My grandfather, mother, and I pitched the yeast on the carboys down in the root cellar:

We sorted the various equipment that had been gathered in the pole barn and put it back where it belonged, coiled the hoses and power cords, folded the tarps, and did some laundry:

press cloth on clothesline

As the daylight was fading, we strapped the tandem on the roof of our car (with the help of some pool noodles procured at the Georgetown Mall) and hit the road for Cambridge.  It was a lovely weekend, thanks to the hard work and fine spirits of everyone involved.  Special thanks to my family for putting up with increasing levels of cider madness every year, and to the folks who helped make sure the cider equipment was ready to go.   Next year will surely be at least as crazy…



2 Responses to “Year 5: Monday – cleaning up and shipping out”

  1. wendy Says:

    I love being able to follow this “madness” on your blog, Ben! My fingers are crossed that next year we live close enough to be able to join in the work and fun!

  2. Zeke Sunnansund Says:

    Hi Bob

    My name is Zeke, I am from Sweden.
    I have seen your articles and youtube, about making applecider.
    This I find most intresting. I just hope you are the right Bob.
    I like your websight and would like to hear from you to know more about you cider.
    I have started to make a machine for pressing my apples and your articles have been to great help.
    My big problem is chrushing the apples.
    I am in a churshgroup, my pastor started it to make cider,
    so that the apples in the area is not weisted., and so on…

    If you are the right Bob or not (hope you are) I really would like a reply to my mail.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Zeke Sunnansund

    PS. Please excuse my english, hope you kan read most of it anyway.

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