GCS Tide Mill Demonstration Concept

A talented boatbuilder of my acquaintance who lives at the head of Robinhood Cove is working with the kids in the local school to build a demonstration floating tidal mill at the site of the historic Trafton Mill, just a few hundred yards from the school.  The plan involves hobie cat hulls procured for a different (but similarly unique) project by Keith Richtman; that project was postponed indefinitely and the hulls ended up in my parents’ yard, but now they are going to good use.  This is a neat idea and a great educational opportunity, and I’ve attached the concept sketches so that the renewable energy engineers in the audience might provide some input. Will Ansel tide mill docs I did some quick calcs to get them started – just 50W mechanical at full flood – plenty of opportunity for optimization.


3 Responses to “GCS Tide Mill Demonstration Concept”

  1. Keith Says:

    Ben, the cross members for that boat are still at the GreenMountain Engineering office if they would be of use to the school and you are willing to haul them North.

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