Spring in the air, ordering trees

I’m late in getting my Fedco order together this year, but it will go in this week.  I’m thinking to pick it up this year, so as to check out their facility and maybe window shop for more fruit.  Orchard weekend will be in early May as usual; I’m not sure what condition we can have the new ground in by that time so I’m splitting the difference, ordering 1 row of apples and willing to nursery them for a year between the trees in the rows of the orchard if necessary.  I’m also ordering a handful of peach trees again; we’ll redouble our efforts against mice/voles in the deep snow (last year’s crazy snow overtopped the protective plastic spirals; not a single peach tree was spared, though no apples were harmed – lessons learned.)

Also looking to procure another batch of “Sweet Trees” – the Cornell U. selected high-sugar maple variety.  These will be planted along the stone wall leading down to the cove.  The Cornell researchers have teamed up with a company called RPMecosystems, which appears to have a method for growing the trees faster – going to look into this.


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