it’s cider season somewhere!

Just got a comment from NZ from a guy looking to set up a garbage disposal cidermill – I hadn’t thought about it before due to northern hemisphere chauvinism, but there are really two cider seasons per year.  That really brightens my day…


3 Responses to “it’s cider season somewhere!”

  1. Tim Stetson Says:

    Do you by any chance have a plan of how you attached the air compressor for cooling of your garbage disposal apple crusher? Do you run the compressor constantly for the cooling?

  2. fiveislandsorchard Says:

    Calling it a ‘plan’ is generous – on the bottom end of the garbage disposal there was a little access hatch for wiring, maybe 1.5 or 2 inches square. I took it off and drilled a hole in it, then tapped that hole with a 1/4″ NPT pipe thread. The pipe thread doesn’t really work the way it’s supposed to in thin sheet metal, but you aren’t trying to hold pressure, you’re just trying to make a mechanical connection. I threaded a male quick-disconnect pneumatic fitting (they sell these anywhere they sell air tools) into the hole I had made, and screwed the plate back on, so the air was directed into the housing and upward at the windings (which were directly visible through the hatch). There was a separate round knockout in the bottom of the garbage disposal, which allowed the air to flow back out. No further flow-channeling optimizations were made; I could have done a better job that would have provided more cooling with less input power, but I was in a rush, just looking for something that would keep it from tripping out.

    The compressor I used (maybe 1.5 or 2 horsepower Porter Cable, has a handle so you can pick it up with one hand, but heavy enough that you stagger a bit carrying it) has a pressure reservoir and an automatic pressure switch, so it cycled automatically, but the air consumption was pretty high, so it was running more than half the time. There was no flow restriction in the line, so the flowrate was effectively limited by the pressure regulator on the compressor (which was set at around 10-20 PSI IIRC)

  3. Richard S. Says:

    I just built a grinder set up with a 1 HP Kenmore garbage disposal mounted to a single bowl SS kitchen sink and ran a test run of 2+ bushels through it non-stop for about about 25 minutes on a 90 degree day and it never overheated. It chewed apples up as fast as I could run them through. The higher end models are all SS where it counts. I ran a bunch of water through it when I was finished but I took it apart anyway – three small bolts – and was surprised to find a number of bits of peel caught in some of the “teeth” inside the grining chamber that I easily removed with a toothpick. Then I sterilized the whole thing in a bucket and put it back together. I will leave the insulation housing off from this point on to make disassembly easier. It wasn’t that much louder without it anyway.

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