Cider Equipment Upgrades, 2010

Last year the cider equipment worked pretty well, but there were a few issues to be worked out for this year. The 37,000 lb bike-powered hydraulic press worked pretty well; the only issue was a lock ring that broke on the rear wheel, necessitating a quick swap from other bike equipment by Dorson & co. Sunday morning we incorporated the soft-seat check valve and the SCBA tank accumulator, which added significantly to ease of use and crushing power. When I was last in Five Islands, I went up to Woolwich and got a more robust lock ring from Davis “Bikeman” Carver at Bath Cycle and Ski, and my dad and I dusted off and reassembled the press. It demonstrated its power by crushing a couple of four-by-four scraps that were lying around.

The grinder also worked pretty well last year, but the inline tandem drive looked a bit dodgy, so this year I’m going for something more robust – I hope to implement a side-by-side parallel tandem drive off of two separate bikes, so both riders can watch the action, and each has his or her own freewheel for independence. I’ll post pics when I get it working…


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