Winter 2011

Happy new year! – and apologies for neglecting the blog. Lots of exciting stuff going on, just not in the orchard. Work has kept me busy, and since cider weekend I’ve managed to do the racking, rake around the trees and put on the spirals, and mend/upgrade the fencing for winter – but that’s about it. But, days are getting longer, I just ordered a honeybee hive nucleus from Merrimack Valley Apiaries, and it’s getting time to put in a Fedco order. I’m tempted to do a bunch of grafting, but technically I don’t have any new ground to set them out in, so I would have to nursery them while I got the section to the south of the orchard ready. I would like to do some thinning in the woods past the south stone wall, in preparation for fencing that area in, maybe as a goat pasture for a couple years before I plant any trees in there. There should be plenty of critters around, since my folks recently acquired two pregnant dairy goats, they are very cute, gentle, and increasingly round as they approach their February due dates.


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