A chicken is not an accessory

An interesting NYT article on a new generation of young, idealistic farmers. But the accompanying photo is over the top:

Nobody I know works around their barnyard in nice leather jackets, and a chicken is not an accessory. Nothing against the folks that are the subject of the article, but to me it looks like the paper sent the style page photographer, who was more interested in catering to the frustrated fantasies of NYC hipsters than in making an accurate portrayal of small farming today. The article was short on practical detail, too – what are they growing, on how many acres, and can they net enough to live on?


6 Responses to “A chicken is not an accessory”

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    […] days ago I ranted about the image accompanying a NYT article about young farmers. I knew that picture was too juicy […]

  2. The Dirty Life « Five Islands Orchard Says:

    […] for a couple reasons. First, I can’t stand chicken-pimping, after grinding my teeth about this from the NYT – why do photographers insist on spotless clothing and improbable intimacy with chickens when […]

  3. 2014 apple wrangling | Five Islands Orchard Says:

    […] was tempted to have Andy and Alexis pose with chickens in the classic hipster manner that I so despise, but nobody was wearing skinny jeans, so I had to settle for […]

  4. Me with a chicken | Five Islands Orchard Says:

    […] probably know that it irks me to see photos of stylish young farmers holding chickens – e.g. A chicken is not an accessory, NYT pimping chickens.  So I couldn’t resist my own glamour shot when Beth Wilks’ aunt […]

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  6. Back to Back to the Land | Five Islands Orchard Says:

    […] article lacked the Times’ classic farmer-holding-chicken shot (a small dog stands in), but it had the same voyeuristic vibe (literally in one case).  I […]

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