Trying to keep up

If I have any regular readers, they have my apologies for long absence – there hasn’t been a lot of time for orcharding, let alone documentation. But, I did get a couple hours in the orchard today, and things are OK. There are a handful of apples on the same two precocious trees as last year (Roxbury and Yarlington), as well as a handful of peaches (most of which I snipped off), and the trees appear to be making a decent season of growth. I went around with the string trimmer and beat back the grass around each tree, though what they really need, and I haven’t had time to make them, is mulch. Maybe I’ll get the Jari mower up there in a couple of weeks and cut the grass again, and use the cuttings to mulch the trees. But it won’t be long before it’s time to pull the mulch back to limit rodent habitat this fall.

I also thinned the squash and pumpkins between rows down to three per hill, which I hope will make the crop size up better than last year. Things are starting to look a bit dry in the orchard, but I haven’t got time to do much watering. Pops’ trees have a moderate crop on them, and the pears are looking good, except a couple that look like they might be blighty – need to research pear varieties with resistance to fireblight. Fortunately, the pears are not contiguous with the orchard.


One Response to “Trying to keep up”

  1. Carla Says:

    You have at least one regular reader. I planted 32 apple trees, vintage varieties, out on our place several years ago, then basically abandoned them, being as I needed to direct my efforts to building a house, which is finally happening this year. But most of the trees have survived and will hopefully be forgiving of my neglect when I get back to them. They are outgrowing their wire cages, which will have to be cut away, I think, but the cages have helped them escape deer damage. I’ve much admired your bike-powered apple grinder, and will likely take on a similar project in the years to come.

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