heat, rain, pole pruner

After a brutal spot of hot weather, a nice week with moderated temps and now a nice rain. Haven’t been up to 5isl in a bit, but I have to get up there soon to do the bush-hogging of the fields and fight the weeds back from the electric fence. At home we’ve been busy with work, but I did acquire a Stihl 131 pole pruner, a really fantastic machine for rehabilitating the menagerie of overgrown wild apple trees in the woods here. Purrs like a kitten and plenty of power, at least as much as you want 12 feet over your head. It’s also great for general neatening up, and stripping off the lower branches of young trees to upgrade the saw timber (20 years down the road…). Tomorrow I’m going to a workshop to learn how to do bud grafting, since the halting attempt I made last year didn’t get very far. That’s another reason to get up to 5isl – there’s a handful of plum rootstocks in the inter-rows to be grafted over to peaches.


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