Borrelia burgdorferi!

Aka Lyme Disease – that’s what was plaguing me this weekend. Alexis suspected as much, with her keen diagnostic sense, but I figured it was just some virus, until this popped up on my side:

So it’s not a virus at all, it’s a tick-transmitted spirochete. That rash is ‘erythema migrans’, and it sealed the diagnosis (it looks even more like a bull’s eye now, since it’s clearing out between the edge and the center), so now I’ve got some doxycycline (100mg, 2x per day, 14 days) and I’m feeling fine except for the big red itchy thing on my side. I was actually already feeling a lot better before the rash even showed up, and apparently that’s the insidious thing about Lyme – if you don’t get the initial symptoms that bad, tough it out, and don’t get or don’t notice the rash, it can go undercover, mess with your joints, and even get across the blood-brain barrier. So, if you have weird virus-like symptoms – for me it was mild headache, dizziness, and fever to start with, then severe sweats and chills, then on about day 3 when I seemed to be coming out of it otherwise, headache much more severe than the usual virus – also weird was no runny nose or cough or any type of respiratory symptoms. But, apparently the presentation can vary widely – beware, and get it treated!


2 Responses to “Borrelia burgdorferi!”

  1. mittonk Says:

    Nice early catch.

    Strong work, Alexis.

  2. Carl B. Says:

    Yep, good for you. I also had Lyme disease and was fortunate to notice the bull’s eye rash on the back of my thigh. My symptoms were similar to yours, except there was extreme joint pain to the point where I didn’t want to stand up. Basically, it felt like the worst case of flu I’d ever had. Check the dose and course duration of Doxycycline, or whatever antibiotic you are prescribed, and make sure it squares up with recommendations in the Merk manual; I had to talk my doctor into prescribing the full amount. This was in the 90’s, in Baltimore, and after the doc had said to me “Good thing you have the bull’s eye; I would have questioned whether or not this was Lyme, it’s very trendy right now.”

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