By my fingernails…

Hanging on, that is – I went up to Five Islands this weekend, and despite holiday festivities managed to get the orchard most of the way back under control. I mowed for the second time this year with the reardeck, and string trimmed around the trees, which were pretty grassed in since we didn’t manage to chip green mulch this spring to spread around them. I’m still hoping to get a solid day with a 12″ chipper before the leaves drop to make a monster pile for next year. I also went around the fence line, trimmed back the greenery, and engaged the bottom two wires, which had been disconnected since last fall – and I got a little porcupine damage in the peaches. There were also some mouse chew marks on a couple of the new apple trees and one of the plum rootstocks; probably from not keeping the grass down sufficiently. Delton Curtis didn’t seem to worry too much about grass in his nursery, but then he also baited for mice. If the little buggers keep plaguing me I may need to resort to that as well.

Joshua and I also managed to drag out some firewood that we had split and left to dry over the summer – we’re creeping up on a winter’s worth…


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