to Poverty Lane

AC and I made the annual pilgrimage to the upper valley to get cider apples. It was a beautiful day and a nice trip, but the haul was a bit disappointing. Where last year the bittersweet fruit was the only thing that didn’t get nailed by the early frost that decimated most of the apple harvest, this year for some reason there was a lot of regular stuff but basically no cider fruit. Steve didn’t even have a spare bin of anything to sell me. We ended up with a couple hundred pounds of Dabinet, Wickson, and Golden Russet. Here’s Alexis in a tree:

There were a lot of big watersprouts – what the trees didn’t do in fruit the last couple years, they seem to have done in greenery instead.

The previous weekend, we used the second-string cider equipment (garbage disposal and screw press) at home to make cider with apples from the tree in Keith’s yard and the wild trees on the north side. We did about 25 gallons in an afternoon; not too bad but nothing like the pedal equipment productivity.


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