Real Snow in October!

The forecast just kept getting worse, so we spent the day battening down the hatches. Split up the last cord or so of oak, stacked it out of the way, and tarped it over. Schlepped some random half-rotting hunks of pine out of the way. Picked up this and that in the yard. Used plastic and tape to seal up a cheap double door that opens out onto a porch that never got built. Took about half a ton of debris to the dump. Now I’m sitting by the fire with a glass of our 2008 cider, which started out with some kind of funk (that’s why there’s a few bottles still kicking around) but has mellowed and is actually pretty nice. Big flakes are coming down outside, and the ground already has a good fraction of an inch. After growing up on a peninsula sticking out into the gulf of Maine I’m always skeptical of a forecast for unseasonable snow, but now that we’re a few miles inland maybe it will actually happen. Plowing it over soft unfrozen gravel isn’t going to be fun, though.


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