Pika Energy: Home wind and solar power

Posting has been light and progress limited, but there’s a good reason: my colleagues and I have launched a startup, Pika Energy, to develop affordable, high-performance home wind power systems. When I was a kid growing up in Five Islands, we lived off the grid, since the power company hadn’t yet brought lines out the North End Road, so naturally I was fascinated by electricity. On a cross-country trip to California I saw tons of water-pumping windmills, and when I got home I started experimenting with wind turbines to make DC power. Here are some pictures of a turbine I built and mounted on the roof of our barn:

In college I studied mechanical engineering and worked in the manufacturing lab, and I’ve been working on green energy projects almost ever since. At Pika we’re making wind and solar products that plug-and-play on a standard 380 volt DC energy bus, enabling cost-effective wind/solar hybrid systems, efficient charging of electric vehicles, and other cool stuff.

To my mind, the subjects of this blog – energy, technology, agriculture, and the environment – are all pieces of the same puzzle: to understand the flows and processes that enable our modern life in a quantitative, theoretical sense, but also to experience them hands-on, and work to put them on a sounder, more sustainable footing. With hard work and a bit of luck, Pika Energy can be part of the solution.


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