Holly’s writeup of cider weekend year 11; apple washer concepts

Holly has posted his usual thorough roundup of this year’s festivities at his delightful blog: http://tooling-up.blogspot.com/2015/11/cider-11-blockbuster-year-for-apples.html

I’ve been thinking more about an apple washing machine; the concept that comes first to mind is a roller-chain-based setup with wire loops or paddles hitched to the chain at intervals to singulate apples out of a tub and raise them up through a tube made of strip brush.  But on youtube it appears that most commercial units are in a bed configuration with transverse horizontal-axis brushes; they run at different speeds to get shearing action; presumably this is also what advances them (or maybe the whole machine is on an incline?  I worry that bike power will have a hard time spinning a whole array of brushes fast enough to do the job – seems like a lot of windage on those drums, and probably not cheap to buy the rollers.  Please drop a note in the comments if you have any ideas!


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