Me with a chicken

All two or three regular readers of this blog probably know that it irks me to see photos of stylish young farmers holding chickens – e.g. A chicken is not an accessory, NYT pimping chickens, More photogenic chickens at NYT.  So I couldn’t resist my own glamour shot when Beth Wilks’ aunt Judy brought this delightful creature for a visit over the weekend. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to get me in the Times though…

ben with chicken


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4 Responses to “Me with a chicken”

  1. Holly Gates Says:

    Cute! But you look like you are having too much fun. You’ve got to turn up the “earnest” look for one of those NYT shots.

  2. Holly Gates Says:

    And you probably need to work on a beard…

  3. fiveislandsorchard Says:

    Maybe I can borrow the chicken again for a more serious photoshoot. I don’t have a leather jacket though…

  4. Ruben Says:

    Thanks to RSS I never miss an episode of Primping Chickens at Five Islands Orchard.

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