Cider Equipment Plans

The stats page tells me that the pedal-power apple grinder is one of the most popular ideas on this blog. So I thought I’d start documenting the design for interested parties to check out in more detail. The design I post will be a combination of what we’ve actually made, what I think would work better, and what I think would be easier for the average hobbyist to make (for instance, I’ll try to avoid the use of a 0.750″ hexagonal broach). If enough interest arises I might be able to arrange fabrication of the more tricky parts through a machine shop I know.

For starters, here are drawings for improved drum and serrated cutters:



The drum is pretty much the same design as we have now but made out of plastic instead of wood, and intended for a round shaft, instead of hexagonal. The cutters are pretty much the same as what we have now except out of thicker stock (I got 1/8″ by mistake instead of 3/16″ this year; the rabbets on the drum have been adjusted to compensate for the thicker metal.

[December 2011]

Here is a drawing for how we made the post crushers. More detail in a post I’ll write next.

crusher drum – Sheet1


4 Responses to “Cider Equipment Plans”

  1. Guy Aitchison Says:


    Love the grinder, Im currently trying to pool ideas on Pluping Mills and Press designs that will haddle a little more volume than a hobbie user

    With the idea of settting up an enterprise selling cider at the local Farmers Market

    Look forward to further developments


  2. Amy Says:

    I appreciate your willingness to share your fabulous green ideas. Can you please contact me re: your grinder? I am working with a community garden on a project that I think your knowledge will benefit – problem is I’m an organizational sociologist, not an engineer… I would really appreciate your help if you are willing to extend it.

  3. Clay Says:

    I have a similar request to Amy’s. I work for a non-profit in Minneapolis that composts a great deal of inedible produce for use in community gardens. We’ve been talking about a bicycle powered produce grinder to speed up the compost process. I would love to pick your brain about ideas in that direction. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and your brilliant ideas.


  4. Al Humble Says:

    Do you sell your bicycle powered apple grinders?

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