To Do List

To Do List

  • Cider equipment – refinements for year six
  • Side-by-side independent pedal drives for grinder (recumbent?)
  • More robust spreader for cylinder end
  • Repair damaged press grates
  • Second base grate; fabricate a couple more press grates
  • Timber and firewood
  • Get older 4′ wood out of maple row
  • Make compost bins out of short pine timber
  • Extend selective cutting for maples to cabin road
  • Heavy selective cut north of field for hardwood experiment
  • Finish clearing for berries behind upper cabin
  • Fruit trees
  • Fall
  • Order and install last few tree spirals
  • Select new apple varieties
  • Gala Red Delicious Granny Smith Gravenstein  Hubbardston Nonesuch
  • Order replacement peach trees
  • Pull mulch away from trees
  • Repeat soil test
  • Cut out wild apple trees
  • Spring
  • Harvest seaweed and spread around trees
  • Find source of horse manure
  • Reapply mulch around trees
  • Till and plant cover crop in new ground
  • Fence
  • Fix cracked fence post
  • Extend more robust attachment of netting around orchard
  • Continue spreading pine chips under fence
  • Design fence for expansion area
  • Berry patch btw cabin and orchard
  • Continue clearing
  • Plant cover crop in spring
  • Plan fence
  • Order/plant berries
  • Continue selective thinning along stone wall for maples
  • Extend woods road along n. side of wall
  • Yard firewood down hill to road
  • Order more maples
  • Minor drainage work?
  • Field improvement
  • Dig cabin road culvert deeper
  • finish drainage in middle field
  • Turn over middle field and plant to cover crop
  • relocate Baldwin tree
  • Build road/drainage above south field; tie in to orchard drainage
  • Extend south field to stone wall

Longer term ideas

  • Mirror pole barn w/ center aisle
  • Greenhouse
  • Efficient maple evaporator design – vacuum-based regenerator? RO pump?
  • Portable solar woodshed
  • Larger pond

Older stuff, completed:

  • Figure out irrigation system
  • Fix solar fence charger
  • Clear and harrow periphery of orchard
  • Order and broadcast cover crop
  • Tend fence

Fall 07 orchard work:

  • Remove firewood from edges of orchard
  • Bushhog down the oats and vetch that we planted this spring
  • Break up and drag off remaining hummocks of roots from the spring
  • Plow or harrow in summer cover crop
  • Spread lime, phosphate, and greensand
  • Harrow minerals into top few inches of soil
  • Broadcast winter cover seed and inoculant
  • Cover seed with bedspring or hand-rake
  • Lay out tree locations; identify ledge outcrops
  • Collect and dry seaweed to spread on orchard
  • Mound compost, fall tree mix, seaweed, and wood chips on planting spots
  • Put spiral wraps around tree trunks
  • Cut around roots to prepare trees for transplant in the spring
  • Send soil sample to UMaine lab
  • Burn brush pile when there’s snow on ground
  • Drop a couple more pine trees to the south (if time while brush is burning)
  • Order cover crop etc
    • 50 lbs PVO seed mix
    • Innoculant
    • Lime, P, K sources
    • Orchard grass?
  • Arrange delivery date for apple trees
  • Arrange shipping for Cornell maple cuttings (send check when we know the amount)
    • Request another bag of maple seed?
  • Procure other necessaries
    • Food and beverages
    • Gloves
    • Gas and diesel fuel
    • 5 gallon pails (from 70)
    • Find bedspring
    • Electric fence materials
    • Gate materials
    • Chipper
    • Rotary seeder (may be one in Maine already, check)
    • Check condition of Pops’ lime spreader
    • Deer fence for maples?
    • Hay
  • Other prep
    • Sweep out cabins etc
    • Remove shutters from Lower Cabin

Plans for orchard weekend

  • Orchard site
    • Spread ash from brush fire
    • Locate small stumps and roots (kubota w/ spring harrow?)
    • Clear brush and leaves, create an orchard compost pile
    • Remove small stumps, rocks, and roots (small excavator?)
    • Ditch for soil drainage along high side stone wall? (need a small piece of culvert)
    • Spread lime, manure, seaweed, etc; cultivate orchard plot (plow? spring harrow?)
    • Broadcast PVO mix, set seed (small tractor w/ bedspring?)
    • Spread hay to protect seed
    • Put up posts for fence
    • Build a gate
    • String and wire electric fence
  • Nursery bed: preparation and planting
    • Cultivate nursery bed (kubota w/ disc harrow, rototiller?)
    • Spread lime, manure, etc on tree spots
    • Dig holes
    • Plant trees
    • Broadcast orchard grass around trees; spread hay to protect seed
    • Move fence to enclose trees
    • Paint trunks to ward off borers
  • Compost/Fertilizer
    • Collect seaweed from shore
    • Spread seaweed in a suitable location to cure
    • Get manure from east side and make compost pile
  • Poppy’s asparagus
    • Prep site and plant asparagus (confirm with Emily)
  • Set date for cidering year 5
  • Order parts for upgraded cider mill
    • 80/20
      • grinder frame parts
    • McMaster
      • Plastic drum stock
      • Plastic side plate stock
      • 3/4″ stainless hex
      • Lightweight pillow blocks
      • Gearbelt and sprockets?
      • Material for replacement 5/8″ freewheel adapter?
    • MSC
      • 1×3/16 stainless ground stock for cutters
      • Burden Surplus Center
      • 4″x20″ 3000psi hydraulic ram
    • Get from Maine
      • Timber for new press
      • Hunk of steel plate to adapt ram to press
      • Accumulator
  • Machine parts
    • New drum
    • New cutters?
    • New side plates
    • Ram adapter plate
  • Hydraulic assemble and test
  • Grinder upgrade assemble and test
  • Order fruit from Poverty Lane?
  • Make new larger press and press grates?

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